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Welcome to the ShearEdge opportunity. The following information is designed for the entrepreneur seeking an exceptional opportunity to have your own moneymaking business with minimal investment. Our training program has been one of proven success to many successful sharpeners for many years. We offer:

  1. Professional training from Michael Ceynowa, one of the best sharpeners in the industry.
  2. Low startup costs that include your training, equipment, and supplies.
  3. Continual assistance from experts in the industry.
Sharpening by Shear Edge

Over 20 years ago Washi started something no other manufacture in the industry would do. We began training self-spirited entrepreneurs, the secrets of sharpening high quality hair shears.

To understand the business, you must first understand that high quality hair shears should not be confused with ordinary hair cutting scissors that may be purchased at a general store. Professional styling hair shears have become a sophisticated instrument of exacting quality costing several hundred dollars. These shears are used by the vast majority of stylists. Most stylists sharpen their hair shears every 4-6 months and normally have several pairs. The majority of sharpeners, including those who sharpen medical instruments, knives, and sewing shears, simply do not have the proper training and equipment to sharpen high quality Japanese style razor sharp hair shears. Normally, a professional servicing high quality shears will charge $25-$35 for his sharpening service, per shear. The experienced sharpener should easily be able to perform this task in less than 10 minutes.

Now I want you to go grab your local phone book and look up Beauty Salons. Salons often have 5 to 10 hair stylists. A stylist may often have 3 or more shears. You can quickly estimate how many salons, hair stylists, and shears there are that need to be serviced. If it only took 10 minutes to sharpen each shear, at $25 per shear, just imagine how many shears you could sharpen a day. You’re right! Sharpening high quality hair shears can quickly add up to BIG BUCKS.

If you knew a very specialized skill, that allowed you to make thousands of dollars per month, working whenever you wanted, how many other individuals would you want to know your secret? Probably no one. For this reason the proper way of sharpening high quality shears, has been a guarded secret.

In 1980 the engineers of Pro Sharp Industries, a small scissors company in Houston Texas, created a machine that would forever change the high quality shear sharpening industry. They invented a machine that would become to be known as the Pro Sharp horizontal flat hone. This machine became one of the first machines that allowed a sharpener to perform on-site expert sharpening as if the scissors were sent back to Japan to be sharpened by a experienced Japanese craftsman. This machine sharpened shears quicker and better than any machine that had previously been developed. For this reason, many individuals continue to attempt to copy this original machine design to this very day.

After the machine was developed, completely tested, and run in a production environment in the scissors factory, we made the following long-term goals:

  • Train willing entrepreneurial minded individuals the same sharpening secrets that were making us successful.
  • Offer these individuals the opportunity to carry a line of high quality hair shears that they could use to expand their business into both sales and service.

The goal was to create the largest organization of shear specialists in the world. These shear experts would become the leaders in the industry for sharpening and sales. No surprise the system worked and this program which you are reading about has become the most successful scissors-training program available to this day for the sharpening of high quality shears.

I Thank you for requesting this information. I hope you will find the following information of interest. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance to you.

Michael H. Ceynowa
Owner, Shear Edge

Satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit. Start your own high quality shear sharpening business.

The very fact you requested this information tells us you want to be in business for yourself and probably have what it takes to be your own boss. At Shea Edge we believe anyone that wants their own high quality shear sharpening business can succeed in this dream. We believe in the free enterprise system, and will do our best to provide you with the equipment, training, and continued support to make this possible.

Whether you want to start this business as your primary source of income, or as a part-time enterprise we will work as a friend and partner to help you get started. With many of experience, we can be just what you need to make this business a success for you.

What makes hair cutting shears (scissors) so special?

No matter where you may live, you will find that stylists use high quality shears as their primary tool for cutting hair. Years ago, barbers were the primary users of hair cutting scissors. These scissors were inexpensive and could be sharpened by a standard grinder. However, in today’s market you will find that nearly every stylist in every salon uses high quality shears as the primary means of hair cutting. These shears have become instruments with ultra precision razor sharp blades, often costing in the range of $129.00 to over $1000.00.

It should be no shock to learn that those who own expensive shears will normally allow only a qualified shear expert to service their tools of the trade. That is why those desirous of entering this field must be properly trained. For a successful business, there are no substitutions.

Most every dollar earned is profit. Start with minimal investment and overhead!

With no rent to pay for your business, or the need of an expensive traveling van for transporting heavy equipment, your on-going business expenses are exceptionally minimal.

With the PRO SHARP HONE, you can provide sharpening services for any industry using scissors. This may include beauty salons, barber shops, beauty and barber schools, pet grooming, florists, tailors, drapery shops, and doctor’s offices. However, the vast majority of our graduates are so busy within the beauty industry that they have little time to pursue sharpening outside the beauty-related industry. We have always used the original Pro Sharp 200-Plus Sharpening machine. Therefore, you can be assured that your equipment will always be supported. Although many have tried to copy this machine, you can be assured this is the original machine designed for industrial factory purposes, and you should settle for no exceptions. Additionally, we are happy to maintain an ample supply of sharpening supplies that can be shipped immediately for your continued success.

Prepare yourself to make money form day one. Even if you have never sharpened anything in your life, you can become an expert shear sharpener with our one-on-one individual training program. All students are taught on a private basis. With many years experience as a sharpener, salesman and instructor, Michael Ceynowa will be working with you personally. You will be instructed at a comfortable pace, with the utmost care taken on your specific needs. You will be taught the secrets of the master shear sharpening system that has worked for hundreds of successful master shear sharpeners.


Discover the equipment that has helped make many of the most successful sharpeners in the industry today. This machine is built for the professional and those who demand the best high quality proven machine in the industry. Your machine requires no maintenance, and properly taken care of, should last easily in excess of 10 years. This machine uses new state-of-the art Micro Finishing and Lapping Film. This will allow you to literally earn hundreds of dollars with almost no cost. The average sharpening disc that cost just over a $1.00 and will sharpen approximately 2 dozen shears.

Imagine having the equipment and training that will allow you to make over $100.00 per hour. Now you can sharpen high quality shears in less than 10 minutes and guarantee your work 100%, right from the start!

The PROSHARP 200-PLUS now comes with a special one of a kind guide designed by our factory engineer. This new guide system will sharpen both beveled and convex edge shears with exacting accuracy every time. As an added bonus, I will also teach you how to free-hand sharpen. This will allow you to sharpen left-handed shears as well.


In depth shear sharpening techniques from around the world.

We know that to be a qualified sharpener, one sharpening technique will not work for all shears. For this reason, these are a few of the highlights from our training program.

How to sharpen:

  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with convex edges
  • European style shears
  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with “K” type edges
  • Left handed shears
  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with beveled edges
  • Thinning shears
  • Testing shear sharpness
  • Notching (Texturing) shears
  • Identify cutting problems, pushing, folding, etc.
  • Fine polishing edges
  • Installing bumpers/silencers
  • Servicing the ride
  • Creating and servicing the blade ride line.
  • Shear balancing

Business guidance and direction.

Your technical sharpening training course of 3 days will include personal one-on-one instruction with Michael Ceynowa.

Other training guidance will include:

  • Scissor Sales (more money!)
  • Sharpening business procedures.
  • How to make big money from beauty schools.
  • Working your territory efficiently.
  • Setting up a proper route.
  • Proper presentation of your services.
  • Working the salon for maximum profits.
  • Presenting beauty school lectures.

After successful completion of this course, you will have the necessary knowledge to become a member of the National Shear Sharpeners Guild. Entrance to this guild is a prestigious honor. As a member of the guild, you will be able to fellowship with some of the most accomplished shear sharpeners in the country, and purchase shears at below wholesale prices.


  • The PROSHARP 200-PLUS sharpening machine and accessories.
  • During the course, all sharpening materials and shears will be provided at no additional cost for hands on training.
  • We will provide transportation from the hotel to the training daily. Each day you will be picked up at 8:30 am.

It will not include:

  • Meals (except lunch)
  • Hotel movies
  • Telephone calls.


In order to be trained, you must schedule the desired training dates. Training days can include Sunday. A three week advanced notice is required.


Training dates should be reserved with a $500.00 deposit made with a credit card or personal check. Final balance is due on the first day of training by way of cashiers check, money order, cash or credit card. Sorry, personal checks are not allowed for final payment.

Please complete the following information and enclose with your $500.00 deposit after you have scheduled and received confirmation on the training dates.

Your training course includes the following equipment and supplies:

Equipment / SuppliesPrice
#60 MICRON PADS-100$200
#30 MICRON PADS-100$200
#15 MICRON PADS-100$200
KATAYAMA WATER STONE 4000 with holder$250

Contact us for more information!
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